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DIY Driveway

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5 Driveway Cracks & Defects To Be Aware Of

The 5 most common issues with driveways that you should be aware of.

How To build Your Own Driveway

Learn how to build your very own concrete driveway.

What Is The Best Sealcoating

What is the best sealcoating for my driveway?

How To Manuals

DIY Outdoor LED Lighting Installation

By Gavin Hewitson | 18/07/2017

Four easy steps to Outdoor LED Light Installation. Outdoor LED Light Installation is super easy and can add a whole lot of brightness to your driveway area. This improved visibility will also allow you to spend some time in your yard spaces even after dark. Unfortunately, outdoor lighting can consume a lot of electricity and inflate … Read more

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Build Your Own Driveway Drainage System

By Gavin Hewitson | 27/06/2017

Lets Get Started… The first thing you want to do before you build your own driveway drainage system is get a lay of the land. Try and find out where the land is sloping as this is the direction the water is going to run. You don’t want to build a drainage system that forces … Read more

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How To Build Your Own Seashell Driveway

By Gavin Hewitson | 07/06/2017

How To Build Your Own Seashell Driveway The driveway to your house or your garage is usually the first part of your property that people are going to see. If you are looking for something different to add to your property and you want a change from asphalt and concrete, then maybe creating a seashell … Read more

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How To De-ice Your Driveway

By Gavin Hewitson | 23/04/2017

When it starts getting cold, ice starts to form and if it forms on your driveway it can create a whole new morning obstacle course.  But how can you deice your driveway and how can you prevent ice from forming in the future? 1. Deice Concrete Driveways With Salt The tried and true method of … Read more

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Glow In The Dark Driveway

By Gavin Hewitson | 13/04/2017

Are Glow In The Dark Driveways Real? First things first, yes! A glow in the dark driveway is a real thing. Glow in the dark driveways can make your driveway look awesome. They are super easy to make, and very cheap to do. Artist from all over the world have been implementing Glow Stones into their … Read more

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5 Easy Steps To Fix A Sinking Driveway

By Gavin Hewitson | 03/04/2017

The Cost Of Repairing A Sinking Driveway Contractors will charge you any where from $1000 to sometimes $5000 to repair a sinking driveway. However, with the right tools and with this step by step process, you can do all that on the cheap. Tools You Will Need A Grinder A Diamond Blade Glasses A Dust … Read more

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Steps To Prevent & Repair Sinkholes

By Gavin Hewitson | 30/03/2017

Sinkholes There are two types of sinkholes: man made and natural. You are probably wondering, who cares, they can both ruin my property right? How can I repair sinkholes I have and prevent more from forming in the future? Believe it or not this matters. Your insurance company may not be willing to coverage damages depending … Read more

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Driveway Info

Slippery Driveway Solutions

By Gavin Hewitson | 29/08/2017 | 0 Comments

Depending on the weather and region you live in, slippery driveways can be a real problem. Generally, the most common cause is the gradual build of moss and algae. Once this is coupled with a damp or rainy climate, the surface can begin becoming very slippery. This is very dangerous both when you are walking … Read more

Recycled Tire Driveway

By Gavin Hewitson | 21/07/2017 | 0 Comments

Used tyres are a headache for any group involved in waste management. They take up space, the don’t break down, and they cost a lot of money to get rid of. A recycled tire driveway is great way to reduce the impact that old tires have the world. In Los Angeles County alone, there are … Read more

Driveway Millings

By Gavin Hewitson | 06/07/2017 | 0 Comments

What Are Driveway Millings? In the simplest terms, driveway millings are recycled asphalt. Whenever you see a construction crew digging up an old asphalt sidewalk or road, they are probably going to reuse it. Disposing of asphalt can be a real hassle. It take up a lot of room and its not an environmentally friendly … Read more

Driveway Base

By Gavin Hewitson | 04/07/2017 | 1 Comment

What Is A Driveway Base? The driveway base is the most important part of the entire structure. The base acts to support the upper levels of the driveway. When pressure is applied to the asphalt for example, the pressure is transferred through it and onto the base layer. Generally speaking, the base layer is the … Read more

The Cost Of A Recycled Asphalt Driveway

By Gavin Hewitson | 11/06/2017 | 3 Comments

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Recycled Asphalt Driveway?   Well, before I go ahead and you give the run down on the cost involved in building your own recycled asphalt driveway, you should know how the recycled asphalt is actually created. Also, one more point before I start. Recycled asphalt is generally referred … Read more

Driveway Essentials

Driveway Gate Opener Reviews

By Gavin Hewitson | 11/05/2017

Lets get straight into it, When reading our driveway gate opener review, you should note that there are two different types of driveway gate openers: Swing Arm Openers Sliding Gate Openers There is also such thing as over head gate openers and barrier gate openers but these are for commercial use. Generally speaking, gate openers … Read more

What are the Best Driveway Alarms and How Do You Choose?

By Gavin Hewitson | 26/03/2017

What Is The Best Driveway Alarm? How Do I Choose? What is the best driveway alarm? So you have probably come to the conclusion that it is time to get yourself a driveway alarm. After a bit of research you may have realised that picking the right alarm is a lot harder then deciding what … Read more