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Driveway Gate Opener

Lets get straight into it,

When reading our driveway gate opener review, you should note that there are two different types of driveway gate openers:

  1. Swing Arm Openers
  2. Sliding Gate Openers

There is also such thing as over head gate openers and barrier gate openers but these are for commercial use. Generally speaking, gate openers are either opened via an electronic key. However, some can use motion sensing scanning, much like a driveway alarm, and these trigger the gate to open.

1. Swing Arm Gate Openers

Swing Arm Driveway Gate Opener

For the most part, these types of gate openers are more expensive than sliding gate openers, however they are way better at utilising space in your driveway.

You can either run the system using a solar panel which sometimes comes with your system or you can plug the system into an outlet inside your house. Solar panels are obviously are more viable option if your driveway is extremely long.

2. Sliding Gate Openers

Sliding driveway gate opener review

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a swing arm gate opener, then sliding openers are your best place to start. These are a bit harder to install so your cost in materials will end up being almost the same as a swing arm gate opener.

They are also usually run using electricity and can either be plugged into your house or run off of a solar panel.

1. E8 Gate Opener

Our first choice in our driveway gate opener review has to be ProTech's E8. Coming with a one year warranty, these guys have really developed a great product for your driveway gate.

This driveway gate opener can support anything up to 26 feet (7.9 meters) and 1200 pounds (544 kilograms). If you need something a bit larger, they can help you out with that as well.

The system comes with a backup battery back in case you have a power outage. The system is also solar compatible meaning you can run it using solar power if you have the panels.

Opening the gate means using electronic keys (three of which are included in the package). All you gotta do is press that little green button and your gates will open.

This system is a bit pricey, but the one year warranty is something you should factor into the cost. If anything goes wrong, which it shouldn't, these guys will sort it out as long as it's within a year of purchase.

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1 Year Warranty

Weight Support:

1200 Pounds



Length Support:

26 Feet

2. Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener

Mighty Mule Driveway Gate Opener

This system is such a close contender for first place in our driveway gate opener reviews.

The system will come with two remotes and a 15-watt solar panel. The system can be completely run off of solar power so there are no extra electricity cost. You might be wondering though, what happens if there is no sun or there is a power outage? The battery pack with this system has enough reserve power for up to 43 extra cycles. You can also purchase a marine battery pack which can run up to 1500 extra cycles on reserve power alone. 

Mighty Mule's E-Z swing gate opener is designed for gates up to 16 ft. long or 550 lbs. This system is ideal for smaller gates and nothing to heavy duty. 

This system will require a Volt Automotive or Marine Type Battery but the set up is so easy you shouldn't have any trouble with the installation.

Mighty Mule Driveway Gate OpenerProbably one of our favourite features about this system is its 12 month warranty and technical support hotline. If anything goes wrong with your system, you will be covered.

If your gate is a bit heavier and longer or you need something a bit more heavy duty Mighty Mule can help you out. They have a whole range of gate opening systems that can accommodate for a load of different sized gates.

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1 Year

Weight Support:

550 Pounds



Length Support:

16 Feet

3. CO-Z's Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Sliding Driveway Gate Opener ReviewNext up in our selection is CO-Z's Automatic Gate Opener. This gate opener is a far cheaper option to that of E8's or Mighty Mule's. If you are going to install the gate opener yourself, this system will take a bit more time and labour being a sliding system.

This gate opener system can support gates that weigh up to 1400 pounds or 635 kilograms. The maximum length of your gate must not be over 40 feet but anything under that and this system has you covered.

There is also a bit of customisation worked into this system with the keys. Boasting the ability to accommodate up to 25 different remotes. You can also set up the auto-close option. You can set the gate to close 12, 24, or 36 seconds after it opens. 

This system doesn't come with any. On the plus side though, CO-Z's gate opener does not run on batteries so you won't be having replacing and switch out used batteries.

You will need to run a power cable from your house to the system and be sure that it can withstand the weather.


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Weight Support:

1400 Pounds



Length Support:

40 Feet


How Do I Decide?

If you are still unsure as to what system you should get after reading our reviews, here is a bit more help on deciding.

Do You Want The Arms To Swing In or Out or Would You Like The Gate To Slide?

Swing arm gate openers are usually more expensive and use a bit more power but in terms of aesthetic appeal, we think they are a lot nicer. Sliding gate openers are a lot cheaper but certainly need a lot more labour to set up.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

The reality of it is, the higher you pay, the higher the quality. In the case of the E8 and the Mighty Mule driveway gate opener, the higher price tag really pays off in the long run. Their one year warranties give you peace of mind, and their reliability saves on hassle in the future

Are You Willing To Set The System Up?

If you are like us and a bit of a DIY handyman or handy women, you will want to set your gate opener up yourself. The less amount of time you spend on this the better. Mighty Mule's driveway gate opener is certainly your best bet if your looking for a quick and easy set up.

How Heavy & Long Is Your Gate?

Depending on the length and weight, you may have a wide range of choices to choose from or only one. Make sure you make the correct measurements before purchasing anything. Usually your driveway gates dimensions will listed somewhere on the gate itself or within any appropriate forms.