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DIY Driveway

Driveway Scraper

Driveway Scraper

Driveway scrapers are used to level out any surface that needs to be evened out. They are far more efficient and faster method of levelling out surfaces than using a traditional methods. They are an awesome alternative to using a level and a large piece of two by four.

Usually these pieces will range in price from $200 all the way up to a couple of thousand. You will usually find that these driveway scrapers are built to be attached to a tractor. The tractor will then either tow or push the driveway leveller from behind from the front.

They will remove generally remove the washboard effect, fill in ruts, and prevent any dips  or swells. Front blades cut down high spots moving material to wings and the Wings catch material and channel it to the side.

This is heavy duty piece of machinery.

The Swisher is built to be able to level out and grade pretty much any every surface a typical tradesmen will encounter. The Road buster is has a 50" grading width. This allows it to easily and quickly make any rough grade or drivewaysurface smooth in a very short time frame.

This Swisher has been built to last. You many years worth of use with this bad boy and if anything does go wrong, these guys will cover you with their Warranty.

If storage is a bit of an issue and this big machine looks slightly intimidating, don't worry. This guy comes with and adjustable flip up jack stand for easy.

Operating this machine shouldn't be big a problem. The swisher is designed with an electric actuator which can be be operated via the on-board battery or patched into the towing vehicle's 12v power supply.

Along with this, electric height adjustments may be made via a switch on the Grader unit or via an easy to use wireless remote control.

All in all, this machine should be considered if you have a lot of work cut out and you will plan on using this more than once.

This next item is a huge step down in the price bracket but there is not a big change in the quality.

This machine is perfect for smaller jobs and more suited to light work. I would recommend evaluating the type of level and grading you will be doing just to make sure this driveway scraper is suited to your needs.

This Driveway level does requires sleeve hitch for operation. You should talk to your tractor manufacturer to figure out what type of hitch will suit your tractor.

This has a 42" working width for quick coverage of most tracks and driveways.

This machine is certainly a bit smaller than our previous recommendation which has means it comes with its own unique advantages as well as disadvantages. The disadvantage is that some jobs will take a bit longer. However, storage will be less of an issue due to its size.

To top it all off, this driveway scraper comes with a 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty. If anything goes wrong with your machine, you should be covered.

As we move down the list, we move down in price as well as size.

The Brinly driveway scraper is great for small scale jobs. I recommend this machine for large patios or small driveway that need dirt or loose gravel leveling out.

The machine is 38 inch in width which is perfect for smaller and tight spaces. 

Along with this, the scraper is designed for multi-use. You both grade and backfill land depending on your needs.

This machine does requires a sleeve hitch which is not included. Once again talk to the tractor manufacturer to see what they have available in regards to tractor sleeves.