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Parking Lot Tire Spikes

Parking Lot Tire Spikes

What Are The Best Parking Lot Tire Spikes?

Believe it or not, there a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to purchasing tire spikes. You may want something that outright stops people from parking in your spot. You may want a tire spike that acts as more of deterrent. If you want to stop people from turning on a certain point, e.i. driving into your driveway to do a U-turn, you are going to want something totally different different.

If that all sounds a bit complicated to you, don't worry! We will show you our top choices for parking lot tire spikes and the reasons why we have chosen and selected them.

First Choice

Our first choice or tire spikes is the little guy to your left.

These spikes are great for preventing cars from turning into and out of any area that you want blocked off. Now, when I say spikes I am sure you immediately think of something that can pierce a tire. Well these spikes act a tiny bit differently.

They are designed to role forward and backwards but not sideways. This means that you can ride over it with out any harm to your tires. However, if you try and drive over the spikes on an angle they will remain hard and prevent any vehicles from turning into the area where you have set them out.

Something that really annoys people is having to get in out of your car to move your spikes out of the way and then back into place. This system works a bit differently, the rubber spikes move in a way that means you can simply driveway right over them as long as you don't have to turn.


Each strip is 2 feet long so depending on the size or area that you want to block off, you may require more than one strip.


These guys are actually pretty cheap in compared to everything else on the market. Check them out!


Unlike most parking lot tire spikes, these will not rust since they are made entirely out of rubber.

Thankfully, you need to be bringing them in every time it rains or snows and believe me, if you have ever had to do that, these spikes are a welcome alternative. As well as this, the rubber that the spikes are made of is very durable and made to last a long time whether it be rain or shine. While there is no warranty that comes with this package, I find it highly unlikely that you will need one.

Parking lot moveable tire spikes



Second Choice

Next up is Boss Buck's Shark Teeth Deterrent Strips. While this set of parking tire spikes is not necessarily built to pierce any tires, they certainly look capable of doing so.

The spike strips, as the name suggest, are built to deter anyone from actually parking in your space or using your driveway. However, if someone does drive over them, they will certainly do some damage to a tire.

1. Length

The strips are about 3 foot in length. This is a step up compared to our first choice. Once again, depending on the area you wish to cover, you may need more than one set of strips to adequately prevent any cars from getting access to areas you want blocked off.

2. Price

This system is slightly cheaper compared to our first choice coming in at about $24.00 per set.

3. Reliability

While the base strip itself is made out of galvanised steel, rust will occur over a long period of time. Also, the spikes themselves are made our of iron so the iron tips will certainly rust at a faster rate if they are exposed to rain and snow.

While the system is built as a deterrent, if someone does drive over the the strips, it will damage them. This is not to say that the strips won't damage your tire though. Do keep that in mind if you intend to ride over them like our first choice of parking lot tire spikes.

Unfortunately these guys do not offer a warranty but in saying that, if you take care of these spikes they should last you a long time!

Bosh Buck Shark Teeth Deterrent Strips



Thats All There Is

Believe it or not, that is about all we can really recommend. Beyond that, if you do end up setting up some road spikes, you will begin getting into some legal trouble

If you really want to keep you parking space yours, I have found that a simple no parking sign can go a long way. Now, I don't advocate doing this at every parking space you want. But I don't think there is any problem with placing it a spot that you always use and is near your property. Plus, this is a much better option then using some illegal parking tire spikes.

If you any questions of comments, send us a message and we'll be sure to get back to you!

Legal Issues With Tire Spikes

In a lot of states, tire spikes have been made illegal for general use. When you think about this it actually makes a lot of sense. Coming from an officer's perspective, why would the average joe need tire spikes in his every day life?

For example, in 2011 there were so many devices that were being used with the sole purpose of puncturing people's tires that the government took action. The people that were using them were drug runners, particularly in Texas. The runner were trying to get away from the police and would throw out devices designed to puncture tires to slow them down. In response, the state of Texas outlawed the use, excluding police officers, of any device (spike strips) that could be used to pierce a tire.


There is another alternative to the two options I mentioned above. You can get a machine operated spike strip. These are way more expensive than anything else and in my opinion a bit of overkill. But, if you want the real deal, this is the way to go. They do take a bit more labour to set up but if installed properly, they will make sure no one is getting access to areas you want partitioned off.

General Advice - Purchasing Parking Lot Spikes

Tip 1 - Weather Proof

Get a strip that is weather proof. If it can't handle a little rain and not get rusty, move on to the next option. Most likely, the parking lot spikes you purchase are going to get a bit wet. There is nothing worst than having to buy the same thing twice because it broke down the first time.

Tip 2 - Buy Built For Purpose

A lot of the times, myself included, people want to buy the nicest and most expensive option out there. More often than not, doing this results in you getting an item that does a lot more than you need for a lot more than you can afford. As I said above, a lot the times a simple no parking sign can do wonders. Buy something that fulfils the purpose you purchased it for, nothing more and nothing less.

Tip 3 - Read The Reviews

We try and test all the products that we have written about. However, don't just take our word for it, check what other people saying, figure out the disadvantages as well as the advantages of every product. Once again, what are you purchasing your parking lot tire spikes for? Do you want them as a deterrent or for functionality? Make sure the set works and make sure you check if it actually does what they says it does.