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Pressure washing a driveway

How To Pressure Wash A Driveway

Over time, your driveway will get dirty. Oil stains happen, tyre rubber gets embedded into your driveway’s surface along with a million other things. So, your best option is simply getting out a pressure washer and hosing down the whole driveway. Here we will discuss how to pressure wash a driveway.

Pressure washing a driveway

To get rid of oil stains, your really going to want to get yourself a gas powered pressure washer. These will be able to really push through and remove the thicker oil stains.

Although, if you want to go for a cheaper option and your driveway is pretty free of stains, an electric pressure washer will be suffecient.

So, How Do You Pressure Wash A Driveway?

Follow these four simple steps and you should have a nice clean driveway in no time:

Step 1

  • Clear your driveway of anything that will effect the cleaning process. This means taking your car off your driveway and anything like tools, recycling bins or just general obtrusions and putting them to the side.

Step 2 

  • Regardless of whether you are using an electric or gas powered pressure washer, you will need to plug in a hose. This hose just needs to be your average garden hose. There should be a nozzle in which your hose can plug into the pressure washer. Check your manual as the location varies according to the type of pressure washer you are using.

Step 3

  • For a driveway, you will want to attach a 15 degree nozzle to the spraying end of your pressure washer. This nozzle will shoot out a sheet of water that when applied to a surface, will remove most if not all the stains. You can go even more narrow with a zero degrees or a pencil spray nozzle if you are really having a tough time removing some stains. Keep in mind, doing this will most likely leave marks on your driveway’s surface as to much force from the water will cause problems.

Step 4

  • With everything set up, you should be good to go. Start running water through your pressure washer and turn it on. Start spraying the driveway in an evenly applied manner. Don’t get too close to the surface so as to leave a water impression and make sure the distance between the surface and the nozzle is constant throughout the whole process.

Electric Pressure Washer VS Petrol Pressure Washer.

So what are the differences between an electric pressure washer and petrol powered one, they both do the same job right? Well… yes and no.

For the most part, an electric pressure washer will be able to remove most of your typical grime and dirt and some stains. Electric pressure washers operate using a motor run by electricity. This does not mean it is a weak tool by any means. However, petrol powered pressure washers really provide that next level pressure. This is simply due to the motor being stronger and able to compress the water to a greater extent.

Electric pressure washers are naturally a lot cheaper then their petrol counterparts. Obviously, petrol power washers require fuel as well and you should factor that into your long term cost along with the initial purchase.

Your Done…

If you follow all the above steps, you should be good to go and have a nice new looking driveway surface in no time.

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