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Slippery Driveway Solution

Slippery Driveway Solutions

Depending on the weather and region you live in, slippery driveways can be a real problem. Generally, the most common cause is the gradual build of moss and algae. Once this is coupled with a damp or rainy climate, the surface can begin becoming very slippery. This is very dangerous both when you are walking on your driveway and also when your car is parked as well as moving. So what are some of the Slippery Driveway Solutions that we can offer you?

Solution Number 1 – Slip Resistant Paint

Slippery Driveway SolutionOur first solution to making your driveway slip resistant is applying a slip resistant coating to the surface. There are few different ways you can do this.

The first option is to use a slip resistant spray. Rust-Oluem makes a great product but the only thing as the you will need a lot if you have a large driveway. Each can is designed to cover roughly 15 square feet but being a spray paint, it is super easy to apply.

Another form of slip resistant paint that you can use is Bonway’s Gator Slip paint. This option is actually way cheaper but it is a bit more labour intensive. Also, if you do decide to use this paint, make sure you give your driveway a good clean before applying it.

Solution Number 2 – Pressure Wash

The next option is to simply pressure wash your driveway. As mentioned above, slippery driveways are typically a result of the build up of algae and moss. Simply removing these two core ingredients can go a long way as a slippery driveway solution.

Now a few points to note. Pressure washing your driveway is not a permanent fix and is much more temporary compared to the paints. You will need to pressure wash the driveway as regularly as it takes the algae to regrow which depending on the season and temperature can be as frequent as one month.

If a pressure washer is a bit too expensive, you can also use a course wire brush. With a bit of elbow grease and effort, a wire brush will be able to cut through any algae that builds up causing you or your car to slip.

Solution Number 3 – Spirit Of Salt

Next up is employing the use of Spirit Of Salt. These typically contain roughly 10% hydrochloric acid so they are not necessarily friendly to the surrounding environment. What they do is remove and eat away a thin layer of concrete on the surface making it a bit rougher and easier to grip to.

Depending on whether you are concerned about tire slippage or just losing your footing, this is a medium to long term solution. Even if the algae does begin to regrow, its effects will take longer to show for two reasons. First, the acid will have created a hostile growing environment for any algae and second, the rough surface will take filling in before the algae can make the surface level slippery.

If you do chose this route, make sure you wear PPE gear as the acid will hurt your skin. After you apply the acid, make sure you wash off the surface with lots of water or weak water and baking soda.

Solution Number 4 – Gritty Surface

Applying a course surface material. This is certainly not the prettiest option but simply applying some grit to the surface of your driveway can go a long way. Kitty Litter is a cheap and affordable option. Typically, I would recommend using this material to deice your driveway but this works just as well.

That sums our recommendations. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to throw them in the comment section below.

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